FAQ or Problems Listening?

I’ve clicked the “listen live” button and can’t hear anything?
Try one of the following links instead for your preffered media player:
Winamp/iTunes: http://webcast-connect.net/premium/uk1/8184/listen.pls
Windows Media Player: http://webcast-connect.net/premium/uk1/8184/listen.asx
RealONE: http://webcast-connect.net/premium/uk1/8184/listen.ram
Mobile devices: http://webcast-connect.net/premium/uk1/8184/mobile.html
Flash player: http://webcast-connect.net/premium/uk1/8184/flash.html

How do I listen to shows again?
Most Purple Radio DJs record their shows and post to Mixcloud – check the show details
from the schedule. Purple Radio also has it’s own Mixcloud page, all shows are reposted on there.
Alternatively shows are re-broadcast from our servers when no one is DJing live.

How do I get involved?
There is a link on our homepage, but in case you missed it just drop a line to .