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Tag Archive: house

  1. City II City – 13 Cities That Shaped Black and Electronic Music

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    This is a wee plug for a new show in 2014 from me following my trawl through of the alphabet in A to the Zee which took over two years, I plan to visit 13 famous cities and conurbations that shaped the music we have come to love. Starting in Sheffield, moving on to Chicago and beyond, featuring classics and less well known tracks, I plan to pack my rucksack with clean pants and prime vinyl and trek across the music globe. Please try and join me – once a month on Tuesdays 8-10pm.  The mixes are hosted here: The map (which may change when I realise I can’t find two hours of music from Melbourne) is here:

  2. the svelte selection – Spring forward!

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    Oh dearest ones, the arrival of the Spring sunshine is cheering me LOADS, as in the plethora of musical delights I’ve been experiencing of late and the anticipation of many to come. This month’s show was BLOODY GREAT if I do say so myself. Chat was a bit rushed, but only cos there was so much brilliant music to get out, as you’ll see below.

    If you want to know more details about the gigs I’m booked in to see, you can check the list over on by clicking here. Yes, I know I should be blogging about them all, but I’m a bit rubbish, y’see.

    Aaaaanyway, here’s the show in all its glory. Download using this discreet link, or for (some of) the music, try this Spotify playlist.

    Fill. Your. Boots.

    1. Jim White – What Rocks Will Never Know from Where It Hits You
    2. Tindersticks – This Fire of Autumn from The Something Rain
    3. Tanya Auclair – Fluke from ORIGAMI
    4. Anna Meredith – Orca from Black Prince Fury EP
    5. Oren Ambarchi – Passage from Audience of One
    6. Sam Amidon – Nico Muhly: The Only Tune: I. The Two Sisters – Samamidon from Mothertongue
    7. Raffertie – Courage Boy from Mass Appeal
    8. Wolfgang Voigt – Rückverzauberung 5 from Pop Ambient 2012
    9. Bowerbirds – Sweet Moment from The Clearing
    10. Rob St. John – Sargasso Sea from Weald
    11. Orchestre Métropolitain – Claude Vivier: Orion from Orchestre Métropolitain 2
    12. Drivan – Inget Mer Sen from Disko
    13. SOAP&SKIN – Boat Turns Toward The Port from Narrow
    14. Dirty Three – Sometimes I Forget You’ve Gone from Toward The Low Sun
    15. Breakbeat Era – Ultra-Obscene from Ultra Obscene
    16. Peaches – Shake Yer Dix from Fatherfucker
    17. Fanny Jam – God and Women from The Lady Love EP
    18. The Magnetic Fields – God Wants Us To Wait from Love At The Bottom Of The Sea
    19. Bang On A Can All-Stars – Michael Gordon : For Medeline from Big Beautiful Dark and Scary
    20. The 2 Bears – Be Strong from Be Strong
    21. Factory Floor – Two Different Ways from Two Different Ways

    Oh, and here’s a brief thing about the awesome Anna Meredith at the National Portrait Gallery Lates

    And, as a bonus treat, my first film for BishUK:


  3. the svelte selection – 1 September 2011

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    I want to start this blog by saying that tonsillitis SUCKS. Tonsillitis really fucking sucks. It REALLY FUCKING SUCKS.

    Look, even Charlie Brooker agrees with me. And he’s right about a lot of stuff.

    Why is this important? Well, it explains a few things:

      a. Why this show is being uploaded over a week after the broadcast

      b. Why the show itself is almost 100% devoid of my talking

      c. Why I’m at home on a Friday night writing this blog rather than seeing the wonderful Adam Buxton at Kings Place

    Some of the above may well be a blessing to y’all, but they’ve all pissed me off to a rather large extent.

    To reiterate: tonsillitis SUCKS.


  4. The Deep Freeze with SoThisIs_Simon

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    Alphawezen – Electricity Drive (Timewriter’s ‘Timestyled Redrive’)
    Roberto Rodriguez – Saved By The Bell (Terry Lee Brown Junior remix)
    Stel – The Nail That Sticks Out
    Manji – Strange (What Love Does)
    Franck Roger – Egotrippin
    Liiebermann – On
    Sasse – Break Up (Turntablerockers remix)
    Season & Sygaire Feat. Randolph Matthews – Open To Love
    Loco Dice – Don’t Make Signal
    John Daly – Big Piano
    Veitengruber – Starshine
    Deep-Maker – Small Man In The Big City (original mix)
    Dub Sgeir – Coral
    Sacred Spirit – Legends (Electric Blue Remix By Tom Middleton)
    Addex – Option Replay
    Roberto – Logical Progression
    The Timewriter – Handsome Machine (Manuel Tur remix)
    Lukas Greenberg – Do It (Greenster’s Trippin mix)
    Skee-Lo – I Wish (Old School Dub)

    Download The Deep Freeze
    104Mb @ 192 kbps

  5. Ciar’s Random House Musings November Show

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    Deep House to Nu Disco and into some old school and new school Soulful House 🙂

    1. God Bless You Detroit – Tim Wolff
    2. This Feeling – Steve bug’s Vocodub Mix
    3. The Ritual – (Harold Heath Remix) – Big Brother
    4. Down – Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner
    5.Bricks (Original Mix) – Markus Homm
    6.Wipes (Original Mix) – Markus Homm
    7. Broken Chords (Original Mix) – Nikola Gala
    8.Long Way To Go – Alex Flitsch meets Audiofly
    9. Foog (Original Mix) – Markus Homm
    10.Mind Limit – Mihai Bejenaru
    11.2 Be (Original Mix) Pol_On
    12 La Isla (Original Mix) Sebastian Ese
    13. Skytope (Lauhaus Remix) – Alex Moments & Matt Brown
    14. Make That Move – Gay Marvine
    15.Crystal Coffee (Original Mix) – Space Ranger
    16. Luv Thang – Gay Marvine
    17.Summershine (MuthaFunkaz Sunshine Remix) DJ Spen, Leslie Carter & Souldynamic
    18. Oh Lord (MothuFunkaz Remix) – Mishal Moore
    19. Give Me Your Trust (The Layabout Main vocal Mix) – The Layabouts
    20. Brighter Days (Cajmere’s New Vocal Mix) – Cajmere
    21. All Over My Face 08 (Original Mix) – DJ Sneak
    22. P Power (Giano Remix) – Nonfiction
    23.Cimon (Original Mix) – Tacca
    24.Bon Melange (Original Mix) – Veitengruber
    25.Main Vibe (Original Mix) – The Messenger,Todd Edwards
    26.London Rain – Ciar

  6. the svelte vaults – 13 May 2010

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    Today marked the first in a irregular series – the svelte vaults – where I play old tunes from the depths my CD collection. I’m going through the process of ripping it all to mp3, you see, and thus have plenty of rediscovered gems to get out there.

    Today’s set features mostly artists from the A-F shelves. It wasn’t recorded, but there’s a Spotify approximation here. To be honest I was surprised that so much stuff was up there – though there are some sad omissions.

    1. DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)
    2. Air – Don’t Be Light (Neptunes Remix)
    3. Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg – Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang
    4. Spacek – Motion Control
    5. Artful Dodger – Please Don’t Turn Me On
    6. Bobby Trafalgar – The Young Animals of St.Pauli
    7. The Style Council – Move On Up (Live Recording)
    8. Stereolab – Mass Riff
    9. Chicken Lips – Wind Ya Neck In
    10. Daft Punk – Da Funk
    11. DJ Disciple – Big Love
    12. Funky Green Dogs – Fired Up (Club 69 Future Mix)
    13. Blaze – My Beat (Swag’s Spiritual Mix)
    14. East West Connection – Rollin’ (Black Science Inner City Club Mix)
    15. Audio Soul Project – You Know (Rob Mello No Ears Mix)
    16. Larry Heard – Give Me Heaven (Chris Grays Medicinal Purposes Mix)
    17. First Choice – Gotta Get Away (From You Baby)
    18. Faithless – Insomnia
    19. The Chemical Brothers – Music: Response
    20. Aphex Twin – Ziggomatic 17
    21. Björk – Come To Me (Black Dog Mix)