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  1. the svelte selection – 1 September 2011

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    I want to start this blog by saying that tonsillitis SUCKS. Tonsillitis really fucking sucks. It REALLY FUCKING SUCKS.

    Look, even Charlie Brooker agrees with me. And he’s right about a lot of stuff.

    Why is this important? Well, it explains a few things:

      a. Why this show is being uploaded over a week after the broadcast

      b. Why the show itself is almost 100% devoid of my talking

      c. Why I’m at home on a Friday night writing this blog rather than seeing the wonderful Adam Buxton at Kings Place

    Some of the above may well be a blessing to y’all, but they’ve all pissed me off to a rather large extent.

    To reiterate: tonsillitis SUCKS.