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  1. the svelte faves of 2013

    the svelte faves of 2013

    Hello everyone, thanks for popping along to see what I liked in 2013. As repeated during the show, I didn’t fall in love with any records this year, but I liked a whole lot. And a lot more electronic stuff […]

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  2. We’re baaaaaaack!

    We’re baaaaaaack!

    Purple Radio is back on the air! You can fill your ears again with the sweet sound of PR right here: If you are listening on a mobile device, TuneIn radio is now carrying our new stream. RadioTuna and […]

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  3. Wired for Sound

    Wired for Sound

    We thought we’d provide just a few pointers to help you get the best out of the Purple Radio stream, because God-forbid you’re still listening via tinny laptop speakers *mock horror*. Yes we know that headphones are the sensible option if […]

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