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  1. Vote Purple!

    Vote Purple!

    Purple Radio has been entered in to the Internet Radio Awards! The Internet Radio Awards has been set up to provide a place where internet radio stations can compete against others to reach the coveted award titles. Each year, the […]

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  2. A Long Weekend In Detroit (Part 3)

    A Long Weekend In Detroit (Part 3)

    This is my final post of a much-delayed report from DEMF (including uploading  it to the wrong location earlier this week – plank!). If your appetite has been whetted, I’d like to recommend a couple of others – pipecock at […]

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  3. All Skweeed Up

    All Skweeed Up

    I’ve been really getting into a lot of “Skweee” recently, a relatively new musical style with it’s origins lying in Sweden and Finland and I thought I share a few of my choice finds so far. The Skweee sound is […]

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  4. Mellow, Mellow

    Mellow, Mellow

    We’ve started a new mix project thingy, which is basically an hour of non-scary tuneage to soothe your frazzled noggin after what has probably been yet another monster weekend. It runs midday ’til 1 fortnightly Sundays and is open to […]

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